couple_hugging_udate_2-150x150Relationships can go astray, and often you need to catch a cheating girlfriend, or catch a cheating boyfriend to know for sure. One sure way of determining if they are unfaithful is to use tracking software on their mobile phone.  Are you wondering “Is my boyfriend cheating” or “Is my girlfriend cheating”?   Use Spy Apps to Find out fast.

How to Catch a Cheating Girlfriend using Spy Apps

If you suspect your girlfriend of cheating an app downloaded to the cell phone can track them. The app gets information directly from the phone as it is created, then sends you a notice via text or SMS. Some data you can gather includes:

  • text, email and SMS messages
  • contact information
  • history logs providing time, dates and duration of each contact including who contacted whom
  • record calls as they are made

If you want to know how to catch your girlfriend cheating, this is the way to go.

How to Catch Your Boyfriend Cheating

For a woman who suspects their boyfriend of cheating apps are available as well. Features for apps to catch a cheating boyfriend include those listed above as well as the following:

  • photo and video capture of any media taken by, stored on or downloaded to the phone
  • GPS tracking using real time updates of the phone location
  • create a log of where the mobile phone has been, how long and a timestamp for each location during a given day
  • intercept actual calls as they are made allowing you to listen in as a third party

If you suspect your boyfriend of cheating you will want a tracking app to tell you.

Different Spy Apps

Different apps work with different phones to catch a cheating girlfriend or catch a cheating boyfriend. Because of technology an Android spy app may not work on an iPhone; similarly an iPhone spy app may not work on a Blackberry and a Blackberry spy app may not work on an Android smartphone. Here’s a few tips to make sure you get the right software for the phone you want to monitor:

  • look for vendors with multiple variations of their software for different phone models
  • choose the correct phone software for the phone being monitored
  • make sure the tracking app is suitable for the software version on the phone (for instance making sure the app is suited for an iPhone 4)

As you research the various providers you will come across a range of prices and payment options also. Choose the types of features you want from the app first, then choose the pricing. Some vendors offer monthly payment plans while others offer specials on a yearly rate. A few, Such as Spy Bubble, offer a flat fee for the app with a use charge each time you access information.

The only way you will find out the truth is with hard evidence. The only way to that evidence is through information found on the phone; most people consider their cell phones out of reach of others when it comes to these problems. To catch a cheating girlfriend or catch a cheating boyfriend you need to get into the phone with a tracking app.

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